amber. amsterdam. overthinker, over-writer. twenty two years old and young at heart. enjoys books, boybands and best friends.

it’s been a while since i did any of these things, so. here we go. information about me :-) i was tagged by lovealwayserica

Name: ambereen (yeah, really.)
Birthday: december 29th
Favorite color: hm, probably purple. or red.
Lucky number: 4, and 9. somehow.
Height: 5’4. i think. maybe 5’3!
Talents: uh, writing? i’d hope, or else i’m having a crisis here.
Last dream you remember: i was chased by the benefactor of teen wolf and after that, cristina yang tried to kill me as well, except then she started saving me? so yeah. that’s that.
Can you juggle: i juggle my life every day. no but seriously, not really. i can juggle two objects, but i feel like everyone can do that.
Art/sports/both: art. hate sports. hate.
Do you like writing: i’m dedicating my life to it, so yeah! absolutely.
Do you like dancing: i love it. a lot. people say i do okay, so i’m not even embarrassed of it.
Do you like singing: suck at it. SUCK. but yes, i always sing.

Dream vacation: new york. it’s been a dream for years. just to have been there. also, venice and ibiza.
Dream guy/gal: i mean, if ryan gosling showed up on my doorstep, i wouldn’t send him away. (but there are a lot of people that i would gladly take in, if we’re being honest). anyway, a creative, intelligent man. not a boy - a man, who’s as ambitious as i am. (really though, if i love him and he loves me we’re all good)
Dream wedding: am i the only one who spends absolutely no time thinking about her future wedding? a beach wedding would be nice, but not practical. we’ll see.
Dream pet: ugh, a horse. always wanted one.
Dream job: author. preferably a best-selling one, if we’re being specific.
Favorite album: oy. probably john mayer’s continuum.

Guys/girls/both/other: guys. or both, who knows where we’ll end up.
Hair color: i don’t care. really, i don’t. 
Eye color: green eyes are wonderful but again, i don’t really care. so are blue eyes. or brown ones. or anything.
Humorous/serious: humorous. i’m serious enough for the both of us.
Taller/shorter: if you’re shorter than me, you’re a midget. so taller.
Biggest turn-off: men who feel entitled. no, bye. (elitists are the worst, too.)
Biggest turn-on: intelligence. a man who’s intelligent and knows it? oof.

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